the opportunities for his/her students.
The effective teacher is in apposition to change

Education is crucial for the development both of individuals and of society at large.

Quality of education is among the key factors for achieving solid economic growth.

The best education systems lead to stable and democratic governments.

The challenge

3% of Bulgarian teachers are aged below 35.

40% of Bulgarian students at 15 are functionally illiterate, i.e. they are unable to apply in practice in daily life what they have learned at school.

22% of Bulgarian youth aged 18-24 are NEET (not in education, employment or training).

21% of Bulgarian students fail to finish their secondary education.

Bulgaria is the country with the most pronounced education inequality in Europe bordering the inequality rates in the Latin America developing countries. Bulgarian students in smaller towns and villages are up to three years behind relative to their large cities’ peers. Children from poorer families tend to score increasingly lower compared to peers whose parents encounter no financial difficulties.

The reason for existence of Teach For Bulgaria is the deep conviction that every child can and should receive excellent education. Our goal is to prove that the constraints of the environment should not predefine the fate of any student.

We believe that education inequalities will be overcome when all children have the opportunity to fully realize their abilities. The day all children are able to achieve this would be the day Bulgaria takes full advantage of its potential.

We are convinced that leaders with faith and skills are essential to this end, leaders who would not spare dedication so that our vision comes true. To succeed, we are committed to the cause to discover, develop, and support the most outstanding and promising leaders in Bulgaria.


The vision of Teach For Bulgaria is to have one day every child in Bulgaria enjoy quality education, regardless of the school he/she goes to, the town or village he/she resides in or if his/her parents have any financial means or not.

As part of the Teach For All international network, Teach For Bulgaria works in partnership with more than 40 organizations on 6 continents to expand the education opportunities for all students around the world.


Teach For Bulgaria trains and supports exceptionally capable Bulgarians to become teachers in Bulgarian schools for a period of two years and long-term supporters of the cause of equal access to quality education.


We believe that each child can and should receive excellent education.  To get there, however, we need leaders in all sectors involved in overcoming education inequalities in this country.  Our theory of change consists of two parts:


includes the Teach For Bulgaria program. It is an instrument for selection and training of capable and outstanding university students approaching graduation and young professionals to work as highly effective teachers of students with greatest need of support for improving of motivation and academic performance. Our teachers work tirelessly to mend the vast gaps their students struggle with, at the same time helping them master the academic and everyday skills required for success. In the line of their work, teachers develop leadership skills and come to intimately know the challenges the Bulgarian education system faces.


involves Teach For Bulgaria alumni – all trainees successfully finishing the two-year teaching program. Upon completion of the program they continue their development as active advocates of educational change through direct work in or outside school. Nearly half of the 79 alumni to date continue to develop in schools and in the education sector, while the rest are in the business and entrepreneurship sector.


Recruitment and Selection 

We use diverse avenues for selection of successful young people as well as of graduating students from the best universities in Bulgaria and abroad, to teach in schools in need for two years. Our teachers undergo a rigorous selection process placing great value on strong performance, demonstrated leadership skills, commitment for communal benefit, critical thinking and perseverance, along with a number of other qualities. We believe that these basic competences are required to channel the achievements of these people so that they become effective leaders inducing long-term change in the education system.



Prior to and during the two-year program, Teach For Bulgaria provides to their teachers the training and support they need to be successful in the classroom and to be guided towards achievements that are positive and meaningful to students.  In addition, teachers participate in a leadership skills development program to make sure they will be accomplished leaders in any sector they chose to join upon finishing the Teach For Bulgaria program.



Teach For Bulgaria assigns its teachers for a minimum tenure of two years in schools in want where teachers can have maximum impact on student performance and development. Teachers have clear responsibilities as to what happens in the classroom, as well as in connection with the implementation of the ambitious academic objectives on the part of students.



Teach For Bulgaria supports teachers through continuing coaching and trainings related to their development as professionals and leaders.


Alumni Impact

The two years teachers spend in schools are but the beginning of the path they embark upon as vehicles of change in Bulgarian education. We build a network of leaders in different sectors working for equal access to education and opportunities in Bulgaria.